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What is a Nurse?   
A nurse is a medical professional caring for individuals and, in some circumstances, their families. Nurses are the main point of contact between patient, physician and the healthcare system. Nurses work in a variety of organisations including hospitals, hospices, aged care facilities, schools and clinics.
Tasks a Nurse may expect to perform:
·         Care for patients
·         Give patients medicine
·         Treat wounds
·         Liaise with doctors and allied health professionals
·         Record the progress and status of patients and their medical conditions
·         Communicate with patients and their families about their care and condition
·          Counsel patients and families
·          Be a listening post
Personal Qualities
      ·         Compassionate and enjoy caring for people
·         Objective thinker and good at solving problems
·         Decisiveness
·         Ability to follow precise instructions
·         Mental and physical fitness
·         Tact in dealing with difficult situations or personalities
·         Confidence in your own ability with understanding of personal limitations
·         Ability to cope with emotional extremes
·         Willingness to work in a team
There are two types of nursing careers - Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse. Both nursing positions are available throughout the aged and community care sector. Nursing skills are in great demand.
Nursing Scholarships  Click here to view the website for the Royal College of Nursing Australia, Australias peak professional nursing organisation, & learn about their scholarships and more. 
Registered Nurse
 A Registered Nurse is a key position of responsibility in aged care and community care. Registered nurses assess, plan, provide and evaluate preventative, curative and rehabilitative care for patients. They are able to give medication in accordance with doctor’s prescriptions. Registered nurses provide direction and guidance to enrolled nurses.  Registered nurses may be asked to participate in shift work as their skills are in demand nights, weekends and public holidays.
A Registered Nurse will possess a university Bachelor level education under current qualification requirements.
Enrolled Nurse
Enrolled Nurses work under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse. They assist in the provision of acute, preventative, curative and rehabilitative nursing care.
An Enrolled Nurse does not give medication to patients. Enrolled nurses may be asked to participate in shift work as their skills are in demand nights, weekends and public holidays.
An Enrolled Nurse has a Certificate IV or diploma level qualification generally obtained from a TAFE program.