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Career Pathways

Career Pathways in Allied Health

 Please Note:   While in many cases qualifications are not always a pre-requisite when looking for a rewarding job in Aged Care as some workers can be trained on the job, or study while they work. 

However for those wanting  to continue their studies and work towards a more challenging profession with higher responsibilities the following pathways may be helpful...

Most occupations held by Allied Health professionals require high scores for University degrees, however through workplace Apprenticeships and Vocational Education Training (VET), courses are available for Support Workers and Assistants in the allied health field.

Pathway Stage One - Certificate III

Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

Skills:  Work in acute care setting, work as a team, basic anatomy
Job Role:   Therapy Assistant, Allied Health Assistant in the public or private sectorsNursing Assistant, Patient Support Assistant, Theatre Support

Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance - Electives in Physio, OT, & Speech

Skills: Under supervision work with groups or individuals to provide allied health therapy support
Job Role: Therapy Assistant, Allied Health Assistant in the public or private sectors

Certificate III in Nutrition and Dietetic Assistance

Skills:  Prepare meals according to nutrition care plan, food safety, work as a team
Job Role:  Nutrition Assistant, Dietetic Assistant (kitchen workers)

Certificate III in Pathology

Job Role:   Pathology Assistant, Laboratory Aide

Certificate III in Hospital / Health Services Pharmacy Support

Job Role:  

Pharmacy Technician  
Stage Two - Certificate IV Courses

Certificate IV in Operation Theatre Technical Support

Job Role:   Senior Theatre Technician

Certificate IV In Defence Health Care

Job Role:    Medical Assistant

Certificate IV in Medical Practice Assisting

Job Role:  

Medical Assistant

Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance - with electives in physio, speech, OT, dietetics & podiatry

Job Roles:  

Allied Health Assistant

Occupational Therapy Assistant
Physiotherapy Assistant         Podiatry Assistant
Speech Therapy Assistant
Nutrition Assistant

Certificate IV in Leisure and Health


Design activity programs, under supervision, to foster the well being of older Australians in residential or community settings

Job Role:  

Recreation Officer, Activities Officer, Diversional Therapy - usually overseen by the Occupational Therapist

Certificate IV in Hospital / Health Services Pharmacy Support

Certificate IV in Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology

Certificate IV in Remedial Massage

Certificate IV in Kinesiology

Certificate IV in Aromatherapy

Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing

Certificate IV in Optical Technology

Certificate IV in Audiometric Assessment

Certificate IV in Pathology

Diploma in Leisure and Lifestyle Health

Diploma in Remedial Massage

Advanced Diploma of Nutrition and Dietic Assistance

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Cert IV in Uni Preparation

Stage Three - Higher Education – University

Bachelor of Optometry

Bachelor of Orthoptic & Ophthalmic Sciences

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Bachelor of Podiatry

Bachelor of Speech Pathology

Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics / Nutritional Science

Bachelor of Biomedical Science / Laboratory Science (Pathologist)

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Pathology Collector  
Advanced Testing and Collection Officer
Team Leader / Supervisor